There are persons who have had weight loss surgery in the past. Some of them suffer from side effects or are not satisfied with the overall result. This can be because they lost to much weight or just to little.

Nowadays there are several new procedures which are an adaptation or a conversion of a previous procedure. Most of these procedures are offered at our Obesitycenter.

After Gastric Banding.

Some persons who had a gastric band experience insufficient weight loss, vomiting, pain or ‘slipping’ of the band or pouch dilation.

These patients can be offered several option. The band can be replaced by a Gastric Bypass or completely be removed. Normally this is done by laparoscopy.

After Vertical banded Gastroplasty / Mason

These persons often experience weight gain after many years or vomiting / nausea.

It is possible to convert this procedure to a Gastric Bypass. Normally this is done by laparoscopy.

After Biliopancreatic Diversion (BPD) or Scopinaro

This procedure was mostly performed in the ’80 – ’90. Some of these patients complain of diarrhoea, weight regaining and deficiencies.

It is possible to convert this ‘BPD’ or ‘Scopinaro’ into a Gastric Bypass. This is mostly done by laparotomy as there are frequent many adhesions.

We also developed a procedure where only an extra part of the stomach is removed. It is almost like a Sleeve Gastrectomy and helps again to loose weight. Advantage of this procedure is that it can be done by laparoscopy.

After Sleeve Gastrectomy

This procedure is often done as a first step of a two step procedure in extreme obese patients. After initial weight loss the second step can be either a Gastric Bypass or a Duodenal Switch procedure.

Also a re-Sleeve gains a lot of popularity among those patients.

Normally these procedures are done by laparoscopy.

After Gastric Bypass

A small group of patients can eat again a lot after a Gastric Bypass and gain some weight. For this small group there is now a new procedure where a silastic ring is added to the Gastric Bypass.